Experts on Rice cultivation in Vietnam (f/m/d)

Job description

Plantix is a highly relevant tool for farmers. As the app has been used mostly in India so far, the content and the image recognition are best suited to conditions prevailing in India. Now and with your help, Plantix should become adapted to Vietnamese conditions, too. 

We are therefore looking for 3 experts on rice cultivation, who help us screening the entire content and apply changes where needed. Together with our agricultural experts you will rework the agricultural advices and the treatment recommendations of pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies. 

If you are skilled in diagnosing pests and diseases in rice from clear images, we would also use your workforce for the annotation  of images showing infested rice plants. 

The working language will be English, onboarding takes place in second half of January, main work will need to be delivered between January and March. We assume a maximum amount of 65 hours per expert. Each hour will be remunerated with US$ 15.

Job requirements

  • Excellent knowledge on rice cultivation in Vietnam
  • Excellent knowledge on rice diseases & pests, including their identification and treatment
  • A university degree in a relevant subject (agronomy, phytopathology, biology, etc.) is favorable
  • Proven research skills and commitment to scientific standards
  • Own PC and smartphone
  • Good English is a must